3 relationship building tips with customers

In a world of hectic lifestyle where sales turnover is of huge concern for many businesses, there leave only so little time for salespeople to communicate with our customers. In fact, there are little things we can do to enhance customers’ shopping experience. Below are 3 common tips.

Smile brings joy!

Branding Specialist

The quickest method to shape a customer’s experience is a smile on your face. Impression is a 1-second activity. It does not require long period of contact yet brings bountiful pleasant experience to customers.If you are in a fast moving business where the contact time with customer is low, tag along a smile when communicating with your customer. It brings joys and breaks down barriers.

Empathize with customers

Branding Specialist

There were several occasions where I have problem with my iPhone. I was frustrated with the perennial problem that keeps surfacing. I called the Customer Care hotline and a specialist attended to my request. While communicating with the officer, my anger and frustration freezes. She had put herself in my shoe and claim that if “it had happened to her, she would likewise felt troubled”.

A simple sentence that shows you putting yourself in the shoe of the customer helps to re-balance the customer-brand relationship. Till now, I am still a satisfied customer of Apple, not purely because of it stable products but the certainty and stability of after-service support that I felt assured of.

Ensure customers feel valued

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It is a natural liking to feel been treasured. The same logic goes for your customers. They would love to be recognized as important. As such, after-customer care becomes a growing component in the holistic value proposition. It can be as simple as giving a yearly thank you card or season greeting mails to them. Let me feel that they are not forgotten. Most importantly, you can mail them a care kit for your products.

The best branding is the words of mouth of customers. Words come from the heart of customers.


Take care of your customers and they will take care of your business.