Think tank on branding

As you walked out of your house today, look around you. Are there any products that you consume everyday. Board a train, are there any advertisements that are frequently seen. Go to a mall, what is the most commonly visited stores?

Believe a not, you are actually on a journey of brand shopping.

Businesses globally are tapping onto social media to create a brand that entice consumers like yourself. If you like music, food or even fashion, you are probably absorb by certain brand styles and message. Perhaps you even consume their messages and purpose.

The job of brand strategist is therefore critically important.

Thinking long-term goes a LONG way


Increasingly, brand managers appear to be too stressed out with the need to meet their short term targets. Often this is understandable. After all, big brands with their shareholders in mind have to hit the Return to Investment (ROI) or other brand metrics investments. As such, they have to focus heavily on short term to stay afloat. B

However, this helps to diverge them away from the long-term strategy of branding. Constantly giving a discount can boost short term sales and revenue. However, it builds onto anticipation in consumers to delay purchase till the next expected sales. Worst still, if your promotions never arrive again, consumers jump to the next boat of brands that offer them great value. Imagine if you have a campaign then has a sharp price cut of your products when it used to be costly and have a certain prestige, how would your consumers feel?

Making everyone a brand architect



Look at some of the well-received brands- Apple, Walmart, Google or Microsoft. What do they have in common? They create brand architect in everyone heart. Of course, doing that requires incentive, such as stock options for staffs. However, the fundamental purpose so as to ensure that everyone has the collective ability to position the brand on the global stage. It’s all about pulling the brand owners and their stakeholders to be convinced of the value of brand capital.




Having a consistent brand message helps to create a differentiation. Stability and reliability are often the top decision making processes for a consumer purchase. The last thing you want to be associated with is negative vibes for your brand. For example, think of one key message you want to portray. For example, Apple key message is reliability with innovation. For Procter & Gamble, it’s about touching and improving lives of consumers.

What is your message?

Love your brand. Make your brand lovable.

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Let your brand gives a purpose

Branding, is not doubt an important if not the most critical aspect in any marketing field. It is the brand that ultimately brings out the true value of the business. Brand helps to connect and attract new consumers everyday. It builds capital that is rewarded through market leadership for your business.

Brand Promise



Almost all brands promise something. For example, a retail brand can promise consumers of havingthe most value for money clothing or that its shirt encompasses some form of technology innovation that allows one to wear comfortably. For an airline company, it could be a promise of cheapest airfare in town.

Is such promise enough?

Perception of Promise



Consumers are bombarded with a varied types of promises everyday. Such promises may confuse them for they do not know what is their real need. Unravelling the needs of consumers is critically important. Brands that are able to do so, will be able to convince consumers to purchase their products. Consumers tend to ask,  ” why should I buy this?”

There you go- a problem surfaced.

What matters? – Brand Purpose



The essence is that brand can give so many promises- this and that. However, such promises did not strike the bull eye of what consumers are looking for – VALUE. Hence, for an airline company, promising cheapest airfare has no meaning unless one bring about direct message that ” Lowest airfare, a greater saving that goes to larger budget for fun” . In this instance, consumers see the direct value of cost saving- they will be able to translate the saving to other purchases that can add value to their travel.

Stick to your brand promise. Convey your brand purpose.

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Telling a compelling story

Brand that tells a story can create an enduring relationship with their consumers. In today’s world, all businesses are trying to create a bonding with their consumers through various methods of marketing. Nonetheless, few succeed as their brand often does not tell a compelling story that welcomes consumers to the core of the brand’s messages.

A memorable brand



Few consumers would ask for a “superman save the earth” story. All they want to hear is the genuine story of how the company is set up and the motivating factor that drives the business each day. We all know that a business cannot thrive without a strong committment to a goal that often propel business owners to succeed.

Bringing life to your business



A story is often a bridge between a company’s goal and consumers’ heart. Successful businesses are brilliant in such skill. A story makes your business alive by possibly relating to consumers’ everyday life. Take for example, Procter & Gamble (P&G), their branding messagesis clear: Touching & Improving lives . As simple as that, it connects people to their purpose of existence.




A brand which tells a story is like a human with personality. The attitude of the brand reflects a personality that can glue and bind consumers attention and attraction to the brand. They tend to trust and bring about a differentiation of your products to others. For example, different retail clothing brands portrays different personality, from street wear attitude to business wear, it helps to send a distinct image of your brand.

Tell a simple story. Tell a genuine story. It’s that simple.

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Brand fatigue

Consumers are increasingly exposed to numerous advertisements , be it on print or web media. Suppose you “like” a facebook page and a certain company fb page constantly floods your wall post. Do you get bored with the constant flashing of brand OR even the routine post of pictures that seems to WOW you lesser each day? If you are that consumer, then you are facing the issue of brand fatigue and that is a bad news for brand owners.

Routine post- Yawnz


Boring Post

The first “like” by a consumer maybe a genuine one. Over time, if the consumer constantly read almost similar content such as the beautiful picture of your company photos, then he/she may no longer have the same high level of excitment and astonishment of your post over time.  In short, the consumer is adapting to your standard of post and you need something fresh, after all, no consumers want a constant stimulus.

Soft Touch – Refreshing feel

Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Besides posting your products and showcasing them repeatedly, why not adopt another approach. Project another image of your company? Show something fun happen within the company or perhaps a story or compliment? Let consumers see a unique side of the company can be value-added too!

Interactive communication

Engaging your consumers

Engaging your consumers

Having a lively communication with your clients is an important step towards building loyal customers. It does not means that you need to be in constant contact with all of you 1000 clients . Simply, you can occasionally post some content that allow consumers to interact with your brand. For example, in Facebook, having a campaign or contest can probably engage your consumers with your products. As such, it creates a long term binding effect and enhance the building of customers relationship.

Retaining the loyal customer

As in every business, branding and business are linked. Creating an enduring brand allow the company to attract and retain its customer base and boost business growth. There are 3 simple ways to transform customers into your loyal brand supporter

Educating the consumers


This is by far one of the most “potent” method to convince your consumers that you are the right choice for them. Educating consumers is NOT the same as pushing sales to your consumers. It is the process of allowing potential consumers to gain insight of their needs and allow them to realise how your products and services can fit into their lifestyle.

Making every shopping experience an enjoyable one

shopping experience

Most of the time, businesses are obessed with sales. They might ask themselves why sales revenue are stagnating or even declining. There could be several reasons to be accountable for it. However, a key reason could be that consumers do not feel a high level of satisfaction in their shopping journey. A shop or an office does not need to have grand and expensive design. However, the overall ambience and layout must be welcoming and warming to them.

Brand ambassadors means everything

i love

Imagine a potential client step into a store or an office, what will she be thinking? First impression counts. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. You might not be selling a differentiated products and thus you have to depend on your enthuasiatic and fun loving staff to create a pleasant shopping experience for your employee.

The list can go further, but above are the main ideas any entrepreneur and business owners have to keep in mind.

Stay cool and enjoy the ride!

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