3 major branding mistakes by companies

Amid stiff competition from rivials, firms are more than ever investing in promoting their products and repacking them into leading brands. In such processes, they hope to gain market share and become leaders in their industry. Nevertheless, branding is never easy and there are 3 common mistakes in branding

“Rojak” details

Messy details

Messy details

For some business owners, they are very enthusiastic about promoting their brand. As such, their company logo may contain multiple details and elements. In this case, the logo becomes complex and not easily digestible by consumers. There appears to be messages overload on the consumer ends. Hence, consumers maybe confused and even doubt the professionalism of the company. In the long run, this means a possible reduction in sales.

Copycat culture

Copy Copy Copy

Copy Copy Copy

In the race to compete with successful rival, there are always those that wish to imitate the appearance of another company. As such, instead of differentiating from others, they are confusing their consumers. After all, being the established brand, consumers may ignore this copycat and this degrades the business reputation.

Ignoring the power of brand ambassador

everyone counts

everyone counts

A brand cannot be successful without having its employee portray and upholding the brand image. Companies in their quest to build their brand spent huge budget but failed to see that the ultimate branding is in the shaping of their employees’ mindsets to align their thinking towards the intended goal.

Before embarking on any big branding project, do look out for these pitfalls.

Stay cool and enjoy the ride

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