Brand fatigue

Consumers are increasingly exposed to numerous advertisements , be it on print or web media. Suppose you “like” a facebook page and a certain company fb page constantly floods your wall post. Do you get bored with the constant flashing of brand OR even the routine post of pictures that seems to WOW you lesser each day? If you are that consumer, then you are facing the issue of brand fatigue and that is a bad news for brand owners.

Routine post- Yawnz


Boring Post

The first “like” by a consumer maybe a genuine one. Over time, if the consumer constantly read almost similar content such as the beautiful picture of your company photos, then he/she may no longer have the same high level of excitment and astonishment of your post over time.  In short, the consumer is adapting to your standard of post and you need something fresh, after all, no consumers want a constant stimulus.

Soft Touch – Refreshing feel

Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Besides posting your products and showcasing them repeatedly, why not adopt another approach. Project another image of your company? Show something fun happen within the company or perhaps a story or compliment? Let consumers see a unique side of the company can be value-added too!

Interactive communication

Engaging your consumers

Engaging your consumers

Having a lively communication with your clients is an important step towards building loyal customers. It does not means that you need to be in constant contact with all of you 1000 clients . Simply, you can occasionally post some content that allow consumers to interact with your brand. For example, in Facebook, having a campaign or contest can probably engage your consumers with your products. As such, it creates a long term binding effect and enhance the building of customers relationship.


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