Let your brand gives a purpose

Branding, is not doubt an important if not the most critical aspect in any marketing field. It is the brand that ultimately brings out the true value of the business. Brand helps to connect and attract new consumers everyday. It builds capital that is rewarded through market leadership for your business.

Brand Promise

Credits: net.tutsplus.com

Credits: net.tutsplus.com

Almost all brands promise something. For example, a retail brand can promise consumers of havingthe most value for money clothing or that its shirt encompasses some form of technology innovation that allows one to wear comfortably. For an airline company, it could be a promise of cheapest airfare in town.

Is such promise enough?

Perception of Promise

Credits: infusefive.com

Credits: infusefive.com

Consumers are bombarded with a varied types of promises everyday. Such promises may confuse them for they do not know what is their real need. Unravelling the needs of consumers is critically important. Brands that are able to do so, will be able to convince consumers to purchase their products. Consumers tend to ask,  ” why should I buy this?”

There you go- a problem surfaced.

What matters? – Brand Purpose

Credits: kikiramsey.com

Credits: kikiramsey.com

The essence is that brand can give so many promises- this and that. However, such promises did not strike the bull eye of what consumers are looking for – VALUE. Hence, for an airline company, promising cheapest airfare has no meaning unless one bring about direct message that ” Lowest airfare, a greater saving that goes to larger budget for fun” . In this instance, consumers see the direct value of cost saving- they will be able to translate the saving to other purchases that can add value to their travel.

Stick to your brand promise. Convey your brand purpose.

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