Think tank on branding

As you walked out of your house today, look around you. Are there any products that you consume everyday. Board a train, are there any advertisements that are frequently seen. Go to a mall, what is the most commonly visited stores?

Believe a not, you are actually on a journey of brand shopping.

Businesses globally are tapping onto social media to create a brand that entice consumers like yourself. If you like music, food or even fashion, you are probably absorb by certain brand styles and message. Perhaps you even consume their messages and purpose.

The job of brand strategist is therefore critically important.

Thinking long-term goes a LONG way


Increasingly, brand managers appear to be too stressed out with the need to meet their short term targets. Often this is understandable. After all, big brands with their shareholders in mind have to hit the Return to Investment (ROI) or other brand metrics investments. As such, they have to focus heavily on short term to stay afloat. B

However, this helps to diverge them away from the long-term strategy of branding. Constantly giving a discount can boost short term sales and revenue. However, it builds onto anticipation in consumers to delay purchase till the next expected sales. Worst still, if your promotions never arrive again, consumers jump to the next boat of brands that offer them great value. Imagine if you have a campaign then has a sharp price cut of your products when it used to be costly and have a certain prestige, how would your consumers feel?

Making everyone a brand architect



Look at some of the well-received brands- Apple, Walmart, Google or Microsoft. What do they have in common? They create brand architect in everyone heart. Of course, doing that requires incentive, such as stock options for staffs. However, the fundamental purpose so as to ensure that everyone has the collective ability to position the brand on the global stage. It’s all about pulling the brand owners and their stakeholders to be convinced of the value of brand capital.




Having a consistent brand message helps to create a differentiation. Stability and reliability are often the top decision making processes for a consumer purchase. The last thing you want to be associated with is negative vibes for your brand. For example, think of one key message you want to portray. For example, Apple key message is reliability with innovation. For Procter & Gamble, it’s about touching and improving lives of consumers.

What is your message?

Love your brand. Make your brand lovable.

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