The woes of Bs- Branding & Business

The job of a brand strategist is no doubt a tough one. He/She may have to integrate different brand products of the same company. Imagine the following: a brand manager that has to take care of a shampoo, cosmetic, oral health and maybe even baby care products. How can he integrate all into a wholesome company identity? That is a tough nut to crack.

Brand Confusion



This situation of messy identities of different products is a situation of brand confusion. Consumers are increasingly less able to relate a brand to a product. It becomes a situation of what brand is that? What products are under that brand? Is it reliable? Many doubts start to sprout in the minds of the buyers and in no time, the sales volume will take a dive.

Are there any solutions available? You bet. There needs to be a systematic process of integrating brand. Ask yourself, what is the common unifying essence of all the products, not all the brand? Only if there is one key common among all products, you can use that particular element of characteristic as a holistic key point to wrap the organization branding.

Too many entities



This is not an uncommon problem faced by organization these days. As companies are eager to expand, they acquire or start new firms so as to expand product range or in some cases, venture into fields that is not related to the parent company. Think about a company that originally does education and add on property investment into their business. It might seem far fetch and it is.

Having too many entities may lead to a chaotic process of marketing. Unless all the entities can complement each other, it is bound to be a headache for the marketers and brand strategist. Even for the operation management may find risk in integrating all business. When all entities are related, there can be mutual leveraging across the different entities.

Who do what?



Yes, its great to have multiple successful businesses but on one condition: there is internal integration of the needs of different businesses. The problem with having many entities is the confusion of the different job scope of your staff. This is similar in the case of acquisitions where normally, the acquired company tends to face some level of retrenchment due to the redundant needs of some skills that can be performed by the existing staffs.

As such, it is important for companies to have a clear scope of duties for staffs so that they have a clear direction. Imagine the scenario when your employee has not clear future insights of what they are doing, do you think they would succeed? Obviously not, as they cannot see the future of their current doing. Without this ability, there is no strong motivation and aim. There must an end goal. For some, having the end goal is not sufficient. The employees have to be convinced that upon reaching the end goal, there are rewards.

Stay integrated. Stay cool.

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