A story of your company

Telling a story is critically important these days for companies. After all, consumers love to hear story as they can gain insights to the “behind scene” of the products they are using. To gain a competitive edge, it would be wise to communicate your story to consumers.

How to tell a brand story?

Telling a brand story


There are various ways in which stories can be told to audiences. A charismatic leader like Richard Branson can convey his brand story through his online articles and books. Steve Job’s approach was a stage presentation of Apple’s latest products through major development events.

From a macro view, developing a corporate video may be one of the ways to convey a company’s story. It can showcase the products, motivation and purpose of the company. The video can reflect the soft touch of the company especially the reveal of the employees and their life at work. Giving consumers information about the people behind the products can improve the connection of consumers and brand.

Relationship with your brand

Credits: cartoonstock.com

Credits: cartoonstock.com

When you give your brand a name, you are essentially creating a relationship with it. The name chosen embodies the characteristics of the brand and its purpose which is to sow the seed in the minds’ of consumers. When consumers think of a product they need, the brand should appear in their mind.

This relationship will be shared with consumers an hopefully they are excited with your brand message.

Walking the brand on the street, changing the lives of people



Creating a brand includes inserting a brand message. These message often reflect of how a product can influence people’s life. Consider how your product can improve the lives of consumers each day. Over time, your product can be a life changing culture for the people.

Think of how Apple products, medical products or other leading products in the market has shaped the lives of people.

As you develop your brand, think of your initial purpose and hardship and communicate that with your consumers.

(Inspiring brand for life)


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