Unravel Complex Issue in Branding

Personal or Corporate Brand?

Personal/ Corporate Brand

Credits : garius.com

Most founders face the dilemma of having a personal brand. After all, you would want people to know your company while recognizing that you are the founder. Indeed, many leading founders would have a large fan base in Twitter or facebook. My classic example is Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Company. He is an exception. Not only does his business brand is highly reputable, he is also known to the public. Indeed, few people would be able to create a distinct personal and corporate brand like him.

As seen, the rise of Twitter seen many founders of leading companies having a large fan base. Tapping on personal branding to enhance the appeal of the corporate brand is a journey of telling your perosnal motivation of why the brand exist ( a compelling story) and later on wrap around your coroproate brand. In this way, personal and corproate brand becomes intertwine . This can be positive and negative depending on your success.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that ultimately the corporate brand should be the main character. It should shine and last longer than the founder. Build the institution with a strong foundation so that it can outlast the founder. That is the ultimate goal of any company .

How to market a brand successfully?

Grow a brand

Credits: marketingjourbalblog.com

Introducing a brand into the market is easy but making it a household name in the market is a challenging task. After all, you would probably be faced with similar nature products in the market which can soften the appeal of your products and services. As such, brand helps to create a “pull” factor to why consumers should purchase your products/services.

You need a story, a clear marketing plan on the milestone to be achieved and the steps to reach these milestones and probably a blog at the very least. A blog of your company allows readers to understand deeper of your company’s functionality and gain credibility in the eyes of the consumers. By having these elements. you will be able to establish a ” radius” force around your competitors that you are the market leader of knowledge and information. Hence, your company brand can flourish.

Can I see immediate effect?

Credits: business2community.com

Credits: business2community.com

Branding process is a long term journey. It does not means that once you start your branding exercise people will start to find you and cash will flow in. It is a long term task with potential risk to be taken. It must be seen as an on-going rather than a periodic plan. As such, you must be able to change your mindset so as to go further in this journey.

It is never too late to start branding your business.


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