3 relationship building tips with customers

In a world of hectic lifestyle where sales turnover is of huge concern for many businesses, there leave only so little time for salespeople to communicate with our customers. In fact, there are little things we can do to enhance customers’ shopping experience. Below are 3 common tips.

Smile brings joy!

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The quickest method to shape a customer’s experience is a smile on your face. Impression is a 1-second activity. It does not require long period of contact yet brings bountiful pleasant experience to customers.If you are in a fast moving business where the contact time with customer is low, tag along a smile when communicating with your customer. It brings joys and breaks down barriers.

Empathize with customers

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There were several occasions where I have problem with my iPhone. I was frustrated with the perennial problem that keeps surfacing. I called the Customer Care hotline and a specialist attended to my request. While communicating with the officer, my anger and frustration freezes. She had put herself in my shoe and claim that if “it had happened to her, she would likewise felt troubled”.

A simple sentence that shows you putting yourself in the shoe of the customer helps to re-balance the customer-brand relationship. Till now, I am still a satisfied customer of Apple, not purely because of it stable products but the certainty and stability of after-service support that I felt assured of.

Ensure customers feel valued

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It is a natural liking to feel been treasured. The same logic goes for your customers. They would love to be recognized as important. As such, after-customer care becomes a growing component in the holistic value proposition. It can be as simple as giving a yearly thank you card or season greeting mails to them. Let me feel that they are not forgotten. Most importantly, you can mail them a care kit for your products.

The best branding is the words of mouth of customers. Words come from the heart of customers.


Take care of your customers and they will take care of your business.




Making sense of numbers in business branding

Whether you are a small or big business, one thing that is probably prevalent is having data or numbers to verify your business standing. Essentially, it means looking at some business metrics such as the categories of your client bases, the top selling products, the best profit margin products, the geographical region of your top sales base, etc.

Large Data Anaysis

Credits: blogs.gartner.com

Credits: blogs.gartner.com

With a wealth and overwhelming information market, corporations are increasingly looking for talents with the essential skill sets to dissect and make sense of data. These data can be internally derived or externally sourced. Internally derived data are those of which you have the information from the sales , earning , lead time production, yield production figures. Essentially, companies depend largely on this data to understand the efficiency and productivity of their business. External data are those which is purchased from external source.

In the market, you would find data for sale which are relevant to various industries. You would probably purchase a set of this data and try to crack the meanings and trend of the overall industry to your particular industry. By purchasing external derived information, it saves time and cost to develop internal capabilities.

Rise of BIG data scientist

Credits: biocmicals.

Credits: biocmicals.

The key concern is who should be analyzing this information. That is the key source of where the lucrative labor market presents the most qualified person with a handsome remuneration. Indeed, companies are keen to hire such data scientist to MAKE meanings from the figures and translate into tangible plans that can be executed. After all, to convince people, the sole dependency on gut feeling and business acumen is convincing only to those who have worked with you for long to trust your instinct.

Making Sense of Figures


Credits: blog.tunedit.org

Credits: blog.tunedit.org

These figures are essential to understand the usefulness of your branding and brand capital. Imagine your company has met with a disastrous event, you need data to make sense of your core strength and revive the business through that solid foundation.

These data helps you to identify core strengths and weakness. Having said this, many would probably think of SWOT analysis. Hmm in a sense this can be true. A business cannot be good in all segments of the business such as customer service, product quality and efficiency but must strive to maintain a general level of competence in these fields.


Start digging data of your company =)

Unravel Complex Issue in Branding

Personal or Corporate Brand?

Personal/ Corporate Brand

Credits : garius.com

Most founders face the dilemma of having a personal brand. After all, you would want people to know your company while recognizing that you are the founder. Indeed, many leading founders would have a large fan base in Twitter or facebook. My classic example is Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Company. He is an exception. Not only does his business brand is highly reputable, he is also known to the public. Indeed, few people would be able to create a distinct personal and corporate brand like him.

As seen, the rise of Twitter seen many founders of leading companies having a large fan base. Tapping on personal branding to enhance the appeal of the corporate brand is a journey of telling your perosnal motivation of why the brand exist ( a compelling story) and later on wrap around your coroproate brand. In this way, personal and corproate brand becomes intertwine . This can be positive and negative depending on your success.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that ultimately the corporate brand should be the main character. It should shine and last longer than the founder. Build the institution with a strong foundation so that it can outlast the founder. That is the ultimate goal of any company .

How to market a brand successfully?

Grow a brand

Credits: marketingjourbalblog.com

Introducing a brand into the market is easy but making it a household name in the market is a challenging task. After all, you would probably be faced with similar nature products in the market which can soften the appeal of your products and services. As such, brand helps to create a “pull” factor to why consumers should purchase your products/services.

You need a story, a clear marketing plan on the milestone to be achieved and the steps to reach these milestones and probably a blog at the very least. A blog of your company allows readers to understand deeper of your company’s functionality and gain credibility in the eyes of the consumers. By having these elements. you will be able to establish a ” radius” force around your competitors that you are the market leader of knowledge and information. Hence, your company brand can flourish.

Can I see immediate effect?

Credits: business2community.com

Credits: business2community.com

Branding process is a long term journey. It does not means that once you start your branding exercise people will start to find you and cash will flow in. It is a long term task with potential risk to be taken. It must be seen as an on-going rather than a periodic plan. As such, you must be able to change your mindset so as to go further in this journey.

It is never too late to start branding your business.

Business & Branding in a Nutshell

Happy Employees



Happy employees can be created. Not only is the environment and benefits given to employees, the image they project plays an important factor. Imagine going in to a shop with bright colorful and light-hearted rhythmic music, you feel on the toes of having a dance and pleasurable mood. It’s made great difference.

Never Compromise on Quality




This is a common aim of business. However, few can really adhere to this mantra faithfully. In the quest to achieve profit, companies tend to cut cost leading to a falling quality. Imagine your bread becomes smaller, texture of the material appears to be less luxurious or even the touch of the material feels less satisfying. Consumers can feel or “sense” it.

Stay updated on the ground



When is the last time you truly spoke to your customers? Perhaps you should get a real touch on the ground to understand the shopping experience felt by your customers. Having consumer insights can aid you in your future development. With time, do have a good chat with your customers to ensure your business remain relevant.

Heart to heart talk with your brand today!

A story of your company

Telling a story is critically important these days for companies. After all, consumers love to hear story as they can gain insights to the “behind scene” of the products they are using. To gain a competitive edge, it would be wise to communicate your story to consumers.

How to tell a brand story?

Telling a brand story


There are various ways in which stories can be told to audiences. A charismatic leader like Richard Branson can convey his brand story through his online articles and books. Steve Job’s approach was a stage presentation of Apple’s latest products through major development events.

From a macro view, developing a corporate video may be one of the ways to convey a company’s story. It can showcase the products, motivation and purpose of the company. The video can reflect the soft touch of the company especially the reveal of the employees and their life at work. Giving consumers information about the people behind the products can improve the connection of consumers and brand.

Relationship with your brand

Credits: cartoonstock.com

Credits: cartoonstock.com

When you give your brand a name, you are essentially creating a relationship with it. The name chosen embodies the characteristics of the brand and its purpose which is to sow the seed in the minds’ of consumers. When consumers think of a product they need, the brand should appear in their mind.

This relationship will be shared with consumers an hopefully they are excited with your brand message.

Walking the brand on the street, changing the lives of people



Creating a brand includes inserting a brand message. These message often reflect of how a product can influence people’s life. Consider how your product can improve the lives of consumers each day. Over time, your product can be a life changing culture for the people.

Think of how Apple products, medical products or other leading products in the market has shaped the lives of people.

As you develop your brand, think of your initial purpose and hardship and communicate that with your consumers.

(Inspiring brand for life)

The woes of Bs- Branding & Business

The job of a brand strategist is no doubt a tough one. He/She may have to integrate different brand products of the same company. Imagine the following: a brand manager that has to take care of a shampoo, cosmetic, oral health and maybe even baby care products. How can he integrate all into a wholesome company identity? That is a tough nut to crack.

Brand Confusion

Credits: mediabuzz.monster.com

Credits: mediabuzz.monster.com

This situation of messy identities of different products is a situation of brand confusion. Consumers are increasingly less able to relate a brand to a product. It becomes a situation of what brand is that? What products are under that brand? Is it reliable? Many doubts start to sprout in the minds of the buyers and in no time, the sales volume will take a dive.

Are there any solutions available? You bet. There needs to be a systematic process of integrating brand. Ask yourself, what is the common unifying essence of all the products, not all the brand? Only if there is one key common among all products, you can use that particular element of characteristic as a holistic key point to wrap the organization branding.

Too many entities

Credits: datamation.com

Credits: datamation.com

This is not an uncommon problem faced by organization these days. As companies are eager to expand, they acquire or start new firms so as to expand product range or in some cases, venture into fields that is not related to the parent company. Think about a company that originally does education and add on property investment into their business. It might seem far fetch and it is.

Having too many entities may lead to a chaotic process of marketing. Unless all the entities can complement each other, it is bound to be a headache for the marketers and brand strategist. Even for the operation management may find risk in integrating all business. When all entities are related, there can be mutual leveraging across the different entities.

Who do what?

Credits: andertoons.com

Credits: andertoons.com

Yes, its great to have multiple successful businesses but on one condition: there is internal integration of the needs of different businesses. The problem with having many entities is the confusion of the different job scope of your staff. This is similar in the case of acquisitions where normally, the acquired company tends to face some level of retrenchment due to the redundant needs of some skills that can be performed by the existing staffs.

As such, it is important for companies to have a clear scope of duties for staffs so that they have a clear direction. Imagine the scenario when your employee has not clear future insights of what they are doing, do you think they would succeed? Obviously not, as they cannot see the future of their current doing. Without this ability, there is no strong motivation and aim. There must an end goal. For some, having the end goal is not sufficient. The employees have to be convinced that upon reaching the end goal, there are rewards.

Stay integrated. Stay cool.

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